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Social Support Services

Our Social Workers and support staff are here to help young teen parents and their baby pepi. The aim of this service is to provide support to those who need it most and in all aspects of their lives, such as relationships, family, housing, safety and health. The service is designed to give longer term, more intensive support with the view of creating action plans for the future.

Our service works in both Central and West Auckland.


Self Referral 

If you think you need help or not sure where to turn, let us know so we can figure this out together. Please complete our simple Online Referral Formlocated under the Referrals.

All Referrals   

We are able to take referrals from professionals, friends and family members. If you believe there is a young parent or parent to be who could do with some help from our service, please complete an online Referral Form alternatively you could call our office on 09 5514367.


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