Growing into a strong confident woman

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I first became involved with Thrive through the teen mums scholarship at Waitakere City Council. I got
a placement at the Auckland Women’s Centre (teen parent project, now Thrive). Previously I was attending the Young Mums Support Group at the Womens’ Centre from June 2008 and now I’m the Antenatal Coordinator at Thrive.

The most significant change for me is that I’ve grown into a young woman – I started off as a teen mum but now I’m a young woman. This has meant just knowing who I am really, knowing the type of person/woman I am now, and mum. Most importantly, what kind of mum I am – that is strong and confident. That’s definitely different from who I was as the teen mum.

I feel I can trust and rely on myself a lot more now.

As a teen mum I relied a lot on what people told me, what my mum told me. I think it’s mostly from attending the workshops and seminars and from working here – because I was a young parent I learnt a lot through doing a SKIP seminar and just learning from other mothers around me as well actually, plus the training I’ve had through work.

This is most important for my son – he deserves to have a confident, strong mum. It’s the start of a really strong relationship between mother and son I feel. Because my aim for him as a teenager is that we have an open relationship so he follows the right path for him. So he’s got the type of mum he can rely on and be honest with and not feel he has to hide things from me.