Do it for your kids

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Me and Jess got back together as a couple and we decided to come back to Thrive. We sat down and had a cup of tea and had a talk about Thrive and whether we should come back and yeah we agreed that we should get in touch with Josh and Cass and I could maybe go the young dads group and get back in touch with Thrive.

Then we met Heather. We were back in this environment and seeing the faces again and how happy they were to see us and I think they were pretty proud that we had come back to start again. We had been away for three months and hearing how much they had done while we had been away and it’s a nice place for our kids to come and play as well.

Since corning back to Thrive I just am going to the Dad’s Group – it’s made me realise I’ve just got to do it, for the kids, I’ve just got to do it. When you’re not feeling well and down you just have to pick your head up and you just have to do it for your kids.

Engaging with Josh has helped me lots …. Lots. Josh is my role model, I knew Josh years before and I can see he has changed into a better dad, a better partner a better person.

This is important because my way of thinking has changed. Getting more mature, got to start acting like an adult, a parent, a father and just doing what a father does, not a guy that doesn’t have kids, there’s … yeah …. when you have kids you have to start acting like a father, a parent not like …… you’ve got responsibilities, you’re a role model now for your kids’. They’ll be looking at you, learning off you, watching you and what they see as ok with me is ok with them.

So I have changed my way of thinking so that they are not going to do the bad stuff that I had done in the past. I’m a parent – I’m not single no more.