Being around good influences

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I came back to Thrive when Heather sent out some newsletters about the leadership group starting up again and at that time Corey and I had been split up and I started thinking that I need to start doing something now and getting back into something.

And with all the things they were talking about doing, training etc and I was also wanting to do something with social work and thought what better place to do it. When I’m older I don’t want just a job, I want a career that I enjoy doing.

I want something that will take me somewhere, something that will be rewarding for someone else and me. I’ve been lost in my life and if I could show someone else how to find their way. I made a lot of mistakes when I was younger and I faced a lot of issues and faced hard times for a long time. I didn’t know how I was going to get out of that hole.

Then I got pregnant with Max and I saw things clearer. Everything has been falling into place.

I noticed the change in me from when I was out of Thrive and when I was with Thrive. When I was in Thrive I had good influences and support but when I was out of Thrive people don’t really mind what they are doing … going to parties ….

Once I came back I knew this was where I wanted to be. The most significant change for me has been the way I am as a parent – I am proud of the parent I am. When I come in here I can hold my head up high and my ideas count and I feel proud to be a young parent and to be a part of this and this is your place where you have a voice.

This is important because I really want to embrace the things here. Different styles and techniques I learn here are working when I take them home. I knew it already but reading it in a different language made it clearer and I could change things.