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Annika Rosandich

Annika Rosandich’s Story

If someone had said to me, back when this journey of parenthood began, that I would be a director at twenty three, have another child at nineteen, and be supporting thousands of other parents – I wouldn’t have believed them.

This is me, eight years ago. I was fifteen, about thirty weeks pregnant with a little girl and living at home with my parents. I guess my point is, is that you never really know where life is taking you. We have obstacles and challenges to overcome, but focus on your ‘why’ and you will get there.

I have always been determined to be the best parent I can be, to be more than just a statistic, and turn my teenage pregnancy into a positive experience. I am so proud of where I am in life now, and how well my daughters are doing. I really enjoy giving back to my community, my community being fellow young parents.

– Annika Rosandich


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