About Us

Our Vision

Young parents and their children are able to reach their full potential
by being connected and secure within their families and communities.

About us

Thrive offers intensive case management for teen parents-to-be, or new parents who are facing challenges that may include housing, finances, education, whanau family support, relationship breakdown, parenting and more.

Our skilled social workers are there to build a strong relationship with you so that teen parents and their babies can access and receive information, support and assistance.

Who we work with

Thrive offers support services to teen mums and teen dads who are either expecting their first child or are already new parents. Thrive aims to provide a full service where expectant teen parents-to-be can be given information on teen-centred pregnancy and parenting programmes and offer intensive social support (if eligible) with experienced social workers and case workers.

Thrive regularly run groups for young mums and young dads, aimed at fostering and strengthening social connectedness, cohesion and to reduce social isolation.

Thrive enables young parents to identify their strengths as young people and as young parents through group discussions and/or one-on-one intensive client interventions. Thrive also encourages teen parents to foster and build strong relationships with their whanau, families and friends through active participation. Thrive follows the innovative parenting practice principles that have been developed under the SKIP programme.

If you would like to refer a young parent to our social work service, please complete the referrals form on the Referrals page. 

Our beginning

Thrive was established in 2010 following the highly successful Auckland Women’s Centre (AWC) ten year Teen Parent Project. Following upon the success of the project an 18 month collaborative community research project was completed with the findings calling for an independent, Auckland-based teen parent service. In 2011, Thrive Teen Parent Support Trust opened its doors to teen parents and their children across West and Central Auckland. Over 500 teen parents have accessed the suite of services offered by Thrive, with many young parents going on to flourish, thrive and succeed.

Our values

  • Manaakitanga
  • Aroha
  • Pono
  • Tika
  • Whanaungatanga

Our mission

Thriving young people, parents and families

Collaborative Partners

Thrive has been supported by and works in collaboration with:

  • AraTaiohi
  • The Trusts Community Foundation
  • communitymatters.govt.nz


  • Health Promotion Agency
  • MSD
  • Sky City Trust
  • Western Distribution Community Foundation
  • The Warehouse, Westgate

Friends of Thrive

  • Littlemore
  • Big Buddy
  • Oranga Community Centre